Wine Rose 

Wine Rose is an ideal drink for hot summer nights, and you can make yourself. 

It is known that a bouquet of roses convenient gift for any occasion, but do you know that unless they look nice and pleasant smell of roses can be very tasty ? 

It takes you a dozen roses flowers, a little cinnamon, a quarter liter of juice is called, the seven dl of red wine and 150 grams of sugar. 

Heat rose petals, wine, called juice and sugar in medium strong fire, and then remove from oven. Add the cinnamon, cover pan and allow to cool. When the liquid is completely cool, procedite through the densest strainer you have, or through gauze, and then pour into a bottle and put it in the fridge. 

When a good cool down, left you only invite people you love and enjoy together. 

If you like taste rose, the petals of the flowers you can make vinegar, which goes well with all kinds of green salad. 

The vinegar you need three scented rose petals and a half liter of wine or balsamic vinegar petals put in a bottle, add vinegar, seal tightly and vinegar for two weeks very interesting flavors will be ready for use.


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